Jewelry that is exclusive, sophisticated, exotic, and usually one of a kind. Such are the creations of Raquel Correa, a lover of jewelry from childhood. “The earrings my parents gave me were my favorite gift from my sixth birthday on,” she says.

Before becoming a jewelry designer, she had gone far in her career as a marketing and lifestyle executive: she studied Administration at prestigious FGV, worked in the financial markets for ten years, ran legendary luxury department store Daslu’s new business area for five, labored five more in the communication and marketing area of developer ​​JHSF (the company that owns Fazenda Boa Vista, Shopping Cidade Jardim and Fasano Hotels, among other high-end projects).

However, the fascination with jewelry was always there. “More than ten years ago I started to create and produce my own jewelry because I wanted something different and special. But several friends, when they saw a piece, asked me to make one just like it for them.”

It was then she decided to improve her technical skill, her knowledge of the world of jewelry, and the select list of artisans with whom she works, to become a professional designer. With her discerning eye, she accompanies every stage of the production process. The pieces’ quality and impeccable finish are her obsession.

Her creations spring from her mind and experiences, and there is always a story to tell. Many are made from treasures that she discovers in fairs and antiquaries, or are inspired by references she finds in her world travels. “I love looking at antique or exotic objects and imagining them transformed into jewelry, combined with gold, precious stones and diamonds.” An example of this is the old ivory cover of a French noblewoman’s carnet de bal, her list of dancing partners at balls, now transformed into a bracelet; or a Chinese globe that was covered with Brazilian stones and became a pendant. “They’re special creations, they carry a story,” she says. In her collections, Raquel presents pieces found in Rome, Paris, Milan, Palm Beach, Jaipur, Bangkok and Hong Kong, with most of her jewelry being one of a kind.

“It gives me great pleasure to see the passion in the eyes of my friends and clients when they see the results of these combinations, which reinforces my belief that there is a world of people who value exclusive and authentic jewelry, just as I do.”

In recognition of her discerning eye for style and fashion, the designer has made Vogue Magazine’s list of the most elegant people in Brazil, for the last four years.